Your own Apartment on wheels

(available from April 1, 2014)

A large carriage is luxurious redesigned as a hotel room and located on a farm just outside Amsterdam. A unique way to become familiar with the life on a farm. A fresh farmer’s breakfast in the morning, during the day you experience living on a farm and you can help the farmer with his work.

B&B Biest-Stro can offer you this arrangement in a very surpising environment. The room is located in a large wagon on a nearby farm.

The farmer and his son are milking a herd of 600 sheep twice a day and they are making cheese and yoghurt out of this sheepsmilk. They appreciate it when you help them milking or feeding the animals. They like to tell you about the life and work at the farm. Especially for children the stay will be an unforgettable experience!

The room has a double bed and the possibility for two extra fieldbeds for children. In the wagon is a kitchen, a fridge, coffee and tea machines and heating. It is completely ready for use, with towels and bedding included. The size of the wagon is 9mx2,5m. Outside you can sit under a shed (a tent roof) and have a very nice evening.

The bathroom is outside the wagon at the farmhouse.

The price of the wagon is € 70 all in per night for 2 persons.  Breakfast, coffee and tea, parking and the use of our bicycles is included.  If you stay only one night there is an additional fee of € 10. Additional persons € 10 pp.

Staying in this wagon is for special people. 

Sleeping in this surprising

environment makes you feel as if

you are sleeping on a ship. The

wagon stands on his wheels and

moves a little bit as if you are

sailing, but you won’t get seasick!

The farm is located just outside

of Amsterdam. The city is

easy to reach by car, bus or


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